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23rd October 2013

Messing About on the River

AWA Tree Consultants have been busy this summer, surveying trees alongside waterways across the Midlands. Having previously never really given the waterways much of a thought, I’m now an enthusiast! Originally built to serve the needs of trade and industry, the iconic aqueducts, lock gates and bridges are technically and architecturally impressive historical features. However, what struck me most was how the waterways have now become a haven for nature. They form a vast network of green (and blue) spaces running from remote rural […]
10th October 2013

AWA Tree Consultants – New Brochure

AWA Tree Consultants
27th July 2012

Green Places Magazine Publish ‘Flourishing Trees, Flourishing Minds’

Green Space is the UK’s parks charity; they work to improve parks and green spaces by raising awareness, involving communities and creating skilled professionals. Green Space’s magazine, Green Places, brings together the latest thinking, best practice and debate for the green space sector. The magazine is dedicated to providing up-to-date news and features for professionals charged with planning, designing and maintaining public green spaces. Green Places recently published a more accessible version of my urban forestry research paper, ‘Flourishing Trees, […]
18th July 2012

These are a few images from some recent promotional photos I needed (I work as an arboricultural consultant to keep the wolf from the door). The photographer, a family friend, had her work cut out – They were taken on a drizzly afternoon in Grimsby, and I always find having my photo taken uncomfortable and embarrassing. So with these odds against her, she did a sterling job!
14th May 2012

Phoenix Park Combats the Canker

The Phoenix Park, Dublin, is a historic landscape of international importance and one of the largest designed landscapes in any European city.  The Park extends to over 700 hectares with a tree population in excess of 20,000 trees. Woodlands and tree-dominated areas cover 31% of the Park.  It is a highly important site for biodiversity, supporting 50% of all mammal species occurring in Ireland and 35% of bird species.  Among the 351 different plant species to be found in the Park, there […]