29th September 2020

VALID: Tree Risk-Benefit Management in Yorkshire

AWA Tree Consultants regularly inspect and risk assess many thousands of trees, around the Yorkshire region and the UK, as part of Tree Safety and Risk Management surveys. There is often a need to undertake detailed risk assessments for trees to ensure we can provide our clients with appropriate, proportionate recommendations, that manage the risk while retaining the benefits our clients appreciate from their trees. All our tree risk surveys are undertaken by experienced and qualified arboriculturists. In addition to […]
4th August 2020
Sheffield Arboricultural Consultant

Trees to Tries: Arboricultural Consultant in Sheffield goes to Canada

This week Sheffield based Arboricultural Consultant Patrick Rowntree is leaving the ranks of AWA Tree Consultants to head to the land of the Acer spp. Before joining AWA Tree Consultants, Patrick had enjoyed playing competitive rugby around the globe including several years in the apogee of the rugby playing world; New Zealand. Upon returning to England, he had resided himself to a less physical means of income and looked set to enjoy a career as an Arboricultural Consultant for AWA […]
5th June 2020

Tree Survey for Planning in Sheffield

AWA Tree Consultants recently helped with a tree survey for planning in Sheffield with approval of two major developments: Expansion of Sheffield Business Park (SBP) and Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP). The sites form one of the largest business parks in Yorkshire, that forms part of the wider 740-acre scheme within the Sheffield City Region. Council planners had initially been concerned regarding possible large scale clearance of trees. However, after our tree survey we identified suitable management to open up […]
23rd October 2020

Why would you need tree surveys in Lincolnshire?

Lincolnshire was described in a BBC article this week as having the lowest tree cover in the county. But is this accurate? From our experience of regularly undertaking tree surveys in Lincolnshire, this doesn’t necessarily ring true. We review the claim and critically look at the reasons suggested for Lincolnshire’s low tree cover: The BBC article “Gardens help towns and cities beat countryside for tree cover” detailed research which estimated the percentage of tree cover in different parts of the […]
12th October 2020

Do trees improve mental wellbeing and reduce stress?

Evidence showing that trees support mental wellbeing and stress relief.
26th June 2020

Trees in the Time of Coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic has been described as perhaps the biggest global crisis of our generation, and one that will probably shape the world for years to come. The impact on healthcare systems, the economy, politics and culture are already noticeable. While the associated lockdown created virtual ghost-towns of most urban areas, there was an upsurge of people visiting nearby green spaces. For many people, the pandemic has led to a direct realisation of the profound value of local accessible green […]
6th December 2019
Joseph Beuys digging

Joseph Beuys: The Art of Arboriculture

Many great artists have drawn or painted trees, yet increasingly artists have used trees not a subject but as the substance of the art itself. Some of the best art using trees includes chainsaw sculptors carving into dead or fallen trees, or tree-shaping – making living trees grow into artworks – or artists harnessing the natural colour and beauty of trees to sculpt amazing geometric shapes. Here AWA Tree Consultant Dr Felicity Stout details what is possibly the best example […]
25th July 2018
Mao Feng Shui Forest

How China’s Feng Shui forests survived Chairman Mao’s infamous ‘war against nature’.

The mission of Communist China’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ was to ‘conquer nature’. This mission was carried out with devastating efficiency in the name of a stronger China. Famously this foolhardy war against nature led to Mao instructing farmers to kill wild sparrows, as they were apparently eating too much grain and reducing productivity. This mass cull of the harmless birds had numerous associated negative environmental impacts. The Great Leap Forward also led to a massive loss of China’s forests, largely […]
24th May 2018

Ashoka and Arboriculture in India.

It is commonly believed that street trees originated in the capital cities of Europe in the 1500s. First in France, then Holland and then to London and the rest of the continent. This European history of street trees is rightly uncontested. However, there is compelling evidence of a vast network of managed street trees, from over 2000 years ago. A massive programme of tree planting and arboricultural management along routes over many thousands of miles across India and South Asia. […]