11th February 2020

AWA are Hiring a Tree Consultant

Due to continued growth we are looking for an arboriculturist to join our existing team of tree consultants. We are a small friendly tree consultancy based in Sheffield. Most of our tree surveys are in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and the surrounding counties, but we often work further afield and cover most of England. We offer our private, commercial and public-sector clients a range of tree consultant services, including: BS:5837 tree surveys for development, tree risk surveys and mortgage surveys. You […]
6th January 2020
AWA Tree Survey Sites

Tree Surveys in Yorkshire and Beyond!

At the start of 2020 we’ve had a quick review of the last year and looked at where we’ve been undertaking tree surveys, creating an AWA Tree Survey Map of 2019! Last year has been the busiest yet for AWA Tree Consultants, with over 500 job instructions across the country. It’s clear we are busy looking at trees in our own neck of the woods – with most tree surveys in South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and the surrounding counties of […]
29th November 2019
Arborist Magazine

AWA Tree Consultants in the Arb Magazine

AWA Tree Consultants have been published in the Winter 2019 edition of the ARB Magazine, the quarterly publication for Members of the Arboricultural Association, with a review article titled: “Tree experts get on the mic”. Since 1964 the Arboricultural Association has promoted trees and the professionals who enable their sustainable management. It aims to be at the cutting edge of tree knowledge, set the agenda for trees in the built environment and show leadership on how best to care for […]
21st September 2019
Tree Experts

Arboricultural Experts Discuss Tree Risk

A few of the team from AWA Tree Consultants travelled down to the Arboricultural Association Midland Branch Seminar, held at the Hawkesyard Estate in Staffordshire. It was an excellent day of high-end arboriculture, with presentations from Jeremy Barrell and Dr. David Lonsdale – two leading expert witnesses in arboriculture. The day began with an open forum led by the audience, to discuss tree risk management. Questions fielded by Jeremy and David included: Ash dieback and tree risk. The requirement – […]
31st May 2019
Tree Survey for Planning

Are tree survey reports needed for all planning applications?

If you don’t consider the trees on your development site as significant, do you still need a tree survey for planning? Perhaps it’s only a small extension, or a rebuild with increased footprint, or the only trees are situated on the boundary or in adjacent land – you may be wondering: is a tree survey report needed for our planning application? AWA Tree Consultants often provide tree surveys and reports for large-scale housing developments. Our clients include planners and developers […]
8th January 2019
Sycamore Tree

The Great Maple or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sycamore

In Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” there is a famous scene where John Cleese’s character ‘Brother Reg’ is trying to incite his gang to rebel against the occupying Roman army. After a few minutes of debate, he utters the immortal line: “Alright! – but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?” Well, we could also add “The Sycamore” to this list. Although […]
6th December 2019
Joseph Beuys digging

Joseph Beuys: The Art of Arboriculture

Many great artists have drawn or painted trees, yet increasingly artists have used trees not a subject but as the substance of the art itself. Some of the best art using trees includes chainsaw sculptors carving into dead or fallen trees, or tree-shaping – making living trees grow into artworks – or artists harnessing the natural colour and beauty of trees to sculpt amazing geometric shapes. Here AWA Tree Consultant Dr Felicity Stout details what is possibly the best example […]
25th July 2018
Mao Feng Shui Forest

How China’s Feng Shui forests survived Chairman Mao’s infamous ‘war against nature’.

The mission of Communist China’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ was to ‘conquer nature’. This mission was carried out with devastating efficiency in the name of a stronger China. Famously this foolhardy war against nature led to Mao instructing farmers to kill wild sparrows, as they were apparently eating too much grain and reducing productivity. This mass cull of the harmless birds had numerous associated negative environmental impacts. The Great Leap Forward also led to a massive loss of China’s forests, largely […]
24th May 2018

Ashoka and Arboriculture in India.

It is commonly believed that street trees originated in the capital cities of Europe in the 1500s. First in France, then Holland and then to London and the rest of the continent. This European history of street trees is rightly uncontested. However, there is compelling evidence of a vast network of managed street trees, from over 2000 years ago. A massive programme of tree planting and arboricultural management along routes over many thousands of miles across India and South Asia. […]