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23rd October 2020
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26th July 2021

AWA Tree Consultants: continue to provide tree surveys for planning.

expert tree consultants

Our team of expert tree consultants continue to provide tree surveys for planning

Despite the issues across the country, we have been keeping remarkably busy at AWA tree consultants. Last year, our small team of exceptional tree consultants have successfully undertaken over 500 job instructions.

We have been involved in tree surveys for some fantastic infrastructure projects, including major new road building, new windfarms, flood alleviation schemes, business parks, schools, hospitals, and major housing developments. As well as hundreds of tree survey reports for planning projects for owner-occupiers or very small-scale housing developers. 

The government has urged the landscape and construction industry to remain open and so we will be continuing like this over the coming months. We are grateful for being able to help these projects progress, which is vital to helping the country recover.

We are incredibly lucky to have had minimal disruption to our workflow and client’s projects, while keeping safe and following government guidelines.

Urban trees have become crucial in helping people cope with lockdown. For many people, nearby trees became essential in alleviating the inevitable anxiety and stress of the pandemic. Clients and the public are recognising the value of trees within new developments and this is also leading current policy decisions and health interventions.

We remain fully committed to helping you with your tree surveys and report projects, and our team are here to help with any additional challenges that occur due to the current situation.

If you have any questions regarding current projects or would like to discuss any future requirements, please contact us.

Our team of expert tree consultants continue to provide tree surveys for planning
Our team of expert tree consultants continue to provide tree surveys for planning
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