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2nd March 2018
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9th April 2018

Thinking Arbs Day with the Arboricultural Association

Arboriculturists around the Major Oak

Arboriculturists around the Major Oak, Sherwood Forest

Arboriculturists around the Major Oak

IN MERRY ENGLAND in the time of old, there lived within the green glades of Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham Town, a famous tree whose name was Major Oak.

The Arboricultural Association is the leading voice on all tree matters in the UK, they provide a home and membership for all professionals within the arboricultural sector – from qualified and experienced arboricultural consultants to those starting out in the industry – they champion the sustainable management of trees in places where people live work and play – for the benefit of Society.

All the tree surveyors and arboriculturists at AWA Tree Consultants are members of the Arboricultural Association, either as technician members ‘TechArborA’, or as full professional members ‘MArborA’, which provides our tree survey clients  recognition of our expertise, experience and knowledge of arboricultural matters at all levels.

The Arboricultural Association operates a Branch network across the whole of the UK and Ireland. Run by volunteer members, the various Branches organise local training events, lectures, seminars and field trips. The Midlands Branch of the Arboricultural Association recently held the ‘Thinking Arbs Day’ at Sherwood Forest Country Park, Nottinghamshire, in conjunction with Nottinghamshire County Council and the Ancient Tree Forum. Overall the event was an enjoyable day spent looking at some remarkable ancient trees, and it was nice to catch up with 60+ fellow tree professionals.

Below are some photos of the remarkable trees we looked at through the day. We provided a detailed write up of the day, and the topics that were discussed by the expert speakers. Please look at the full report by following this link to the Arboricultural Association website.

Tree 1. Stumpy:

Tree 1: Stumpy. Ancient tree in Nottighamshire

Tree 1: Stumpy. Ancient tree in Nottinghamshire


Tree 2. The Halo:

AWA Tree 2 Halo Ancient Tree Nottingham

Tree 2 Halo there!


Tree 3. Major Oak:

Arborists at Major Oak Sherwood Forest

Arborists ignoring the Major Oak to look at a trial hole.


Arborists assess ground compaction under the Major Oak

Major Ground Compaction.

England’s most famous tree

Tree 4. Belt and Braces: 

Ancient tree with metal belt

Tree 4: Belt and Braces


Tree 5. Ancient Visitors:

Old tree Sherwood Forest

Tree 5: Ancient Visitors


Trees 6 & 7. Cracking Ancient Trees:

Cracking Ancient Tree, Sherwood Forest

Tree 6: Cracking Ancient Tree, Sherwood Forest


Ancient tree

Tree 7: Time to Split


I'm a Chartered Arboriculturist at AWA Tree Consultants Ltd. As well as detailing our recent tree survey and arboricultural consultant work, this blog includes wide ranging arboricultural musings, including tree facts, opinion and anecdotes on trees in human culture.

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