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18th May 2014
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19th August 2014

The Emotional Life of the Arboricultural Consultant

The Emotional Life of the Arboriculture Consultant

The Emotional Life of the Arboriculture Consultant

Like most jobs, working as an arboricultural consultant has its ups and downs. This light-hearted list suggests a top ten of the emotions we face in our daily struggle through the urban forest. 
10. Telling someone you’re an arboricultural consultant and they say “Oh, you mean a tree surgeon?”
 9. After explaining how you’re different to a tree surgeon, they ask you to prune their tree. 

8. You’re on site and you’ve forgot the Latin name of a tree. 

7. Reading on-line forum comments about the merits and failings of different tree risk assessment methodologies.
6. Getting to site and realising the topographical plan is wildly inaccurate.
5. Finding out you’ve had a Tree Preservation Order appeal accepted.
4. After preparing a detailed Arboricultural Method Statement document, you visit the site and see this>
and feel this..
3. You read a tree report prepared by a non – arboricultural specialist.
2. Checking your spreadsheet to see which invoices remain unpaid.
1. Remembering that you get paid to look at trees for a living!
I'm a Chartered Arboriculturist at AWA Tree Consultants Ltd. As well as detailing our recent tree survey and arboricultural consultant work, this blog includes wide ranging arboricultural musings, including tree facts, opinion and anecdotes on trees in human culture.

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